Sunday, January 2, 2022

Those Objections

Thank-you to a follower of this blog for the quality version of the photo of Alberto Guglielmi Valentino and George Ullman. (see below) Somehow I think Ullman knew even then Alberto's return was bad news. It still blows my mind how Tracy Terhune dares to claim Ullman was anything but the long-suffering hero in the Valentino story.

Ullman's heroic effort was an aspect of Valentino's story I uncovered and I will admit it was not the easiest to decipher. It is still claimed Ullman was the cause for dragging out the settlement of the Valentino estate when the documents tell an opposite story. It was entirely Alberto's doing. 

On more than forty occasions, Ullman filed his “Executor's Current Accounts” to have the court declare his job as executor over and he could move on. But if you look at even one document titled, Registry of Actions, you see Alberto was objecting for years to prevent the subject being closed. The Registry of Actions is the complete listing of estate actions. (see below just one page from the end of 1928-1929)

Every time it is written, “Objections to Current Account”, Alberto is delaying the final call. I used to think it was an act of trying to “get” Ullman but now I believe Alberto was delaying a settlement because he might then be relegated to obscurity. His cruel and frivolous lawsuit v. Ullman kept Alberto in news and appearing the victim. To anyone without access to the records Alberto appears the tough guy defending his brother's estate. This is complete nonsense and a lie. 

Alberto was the single cause for the prolonged settlement of Rudolph's estate. Alberto was the cause of the money being squandered on lawyers.

When it is said Ullman prolonged the settlement of Valentino's estate, know that according to the records it was Alberto and not Ullman who was guilty of this.

And btw where is that entire stolen case file today? Again I say, why hide it if there is nothing to hide? Fortunately I found enough to right the wrong, despite "their" efforts to bury the truth.


  1. Tracy Terhune loves to tell his dupes that Alberto and Maria were able to get Ullman FIRED from his position as executor. The real story is very easy to discover if any of the forum squirrels had the fortitude to actually do some research. And I'm still waiting for TRT to tell us where those stolen documents are.

    1. Terhune is not being honest about that. Ullman handed in his own resignation. And all estate positions and activities were suspended during the litigation. In this way Alberto somewhat shot himself in the foot because the money Ullman was dispensing to him also ceased for the duration. It is endlessly sad to me that Valentino's legacy has a thing to do with a collector who knows the truth but preaches the Alberto Valentino lies to gain favor with the DNA. I can think of no other reason. Once in a chat room long ago, Terhune remarked how Ullman was doomed because of the "never ending greed of the Valentino family." Odd how he knew the truth at one point but changed his tune. Its tired and incorrect and he can not deny the sworn testimony and court records I discovered forever. And yes Terhune admitted to knowing I believe it was three collectors who had those stolen records. This after he stood by while his minions dashed me online saying they did not exist and I forged the ones I shared.

    2. The greed seems to emanate from the collectors. The "looky what I got" attitude from all of them is sickening. The "DNA" needs to call them out and demand return of items that belong to the family. Unless, of course, those items were sold by the "DNA" to the collectors...

    3. Just because someone can buy a relic does not make them experts. And I believe collectors' version of Valentino's history is inherently corrupt because of their financial investment, i.e. in pleasing a family who has lied for generations now about what really happened. It was all so convenient for Alberto to lie when the proof, those court records, were missing/unavailable to the public. They never imagined Ullman had a huge portion of that file copied when he filed his appeals case. Despite this they continue to defame Ullman, and all the work we do to present documentation. It is sickening.

  2. This photo appears to have been taken on a boat or a ship. Was this picture taken when Ullman and Menillo met Alberto at the dock in NY right after Valentino died?

  3. Yes. It was taken when Alberto arrived after Rudy died.