Wednesday, January 12, 2022

A Renato Floris Commentary on Eleanor Gribbin

When I received a few screenshots forwarded to me by a Good Samaritan, I was reminded of an episode which happened to the Valentinos during their Mineralava tour and related by Evelyn in her book Affairs Valentino.

I quote that episode here:

“In advance of the tour's arrival, George was often contacted by local dignitaries requesting a private meeting with the Valentinos. In Rochester, Minnesota the eminent Dr. Walter Mayo made such a request by inviting Rudy, Natacha and George to tour his clinic, including the psychiatric wards housing the most afflicted patients.This seemingly harmless invitation turned out to be a hair-raising experience for Rudy.

As Dr. Mayo escorted his guests down one corridor of the women's ward, the female patients began shrieking and rattling the metal doors of their cells. When some of them recognized Rudy, they began clawing at him through the door's barred windows. The resulting bedlam became so deafening and terrifying that the stroll through the asylum was cut short. Natacha consoled her visibly shaken husband as she whisked him out the nearest exit, while George diplomatically concluded the visit with Dr. Mayo.”

My opinion is that in some Valentinian circles there are many honorary citizens of Rochester, Minnesota, all worthy of residing at Dr. Walter Mayo's psychiatric clinic.

Today I acknowledge the honorary citizen, Ms. Eleanor Gribbin. In her group which, coincidentally is titled Mad About the Boy, she warns all members of the group to never ask a single question about Evelyn or about her books.

Both Evelyn's and my names, like our works, are overtly banned by Eleanor Gribbin from any discussion.

In one of her most recent posts, Gribbin, administrator of the Mad About the Boy group, sternly confirmed that any question or discussion relating to Evelyn Zumaya or her books is banned from the group and that no explanations are needed because the administration of the group has the “right” reasons for that demand.

No, Ms. Gribbin, it is not enough to just dismiss a question of this type in this way.

Today I ask you to directly explain to me and to the public, exactly what is your “right” reason for this despotic edict. What gives you any “right” to banish even the mention of our names and work on Valentino to a group devoted to Valentino? What is your, “just cause”? If you wish you can e-mail me with your answers here:

I also wonder how is it possible that any one would join, in 2022, a group issuing censorship of literature commands and itemizes names of authors never to be mentioned. How could anyone want to be a part of a group which goes to that lengths to avoid "annoying arguments" just because they contradict the "dogmas" carried forward by the administrators? For me any such group is not worth joining at all! And censorship of literature is a hallmark of a cult. 

I'm sure that I won't receive any reply to my question unless Ms. Gribbin is given her response to send to me. I really feel she doesn't know what to say on her own because she repeats, like a parrot, that dogma which has be inculcated in her lost mind!

Let's make sure that Valentino doesn't have his hair raised for an eternity! Enough of that mad howling.