Monday, January 17, 2022


Some clarification about the signature of S. George Ullman. I received an image of a book of poetry published in January of 1923, purported online to be written by S. George Ullman. (see below)

I was asked if George Ullman published this book of poetry in January of 1923. After some research I found an inscription written by the author in a copy of “Captive Balloons” (see below)

The above inscription is certainly not S. George Ullman's handwriting as his signature was consistent throughout his lifetime. I share some examples and there are many as he signed endless documents and letters. To share but a few as example:

I can verify that although on some sales pages for the book titled, “Captive Balloons", it identifies the author as a “friend and manager of Rudolph Valentino”, in my expert opinion after studying this man and his handwriting/signature for two decades, the book "Captive Balloons" is not written by S. George Ullman and the inscription in the copy of said book of poems is not the signature nor handwriting of S. George Ullman. The handwriting of the book's inscription is from a very different hand.

The inscription in the copy of "Captive Balloons" was found here: