Tuesday, January 18, 2022

More From Renato Floris

"I have read with great regret the descriptions of both Evelyn and myself in Mad About the Boy and We Never Forget in which I recognize neither her nor me.

We are described as two mythical monsters who do not like dialogue and who are perched on their positions in an uncompromising way. Nothing could be more wrong.

Evelyn and I are always looking for new points of view, new stimuli, but a smear campaign has been launched and managed against us that has now lasted well over eleven years.

Add to this, the fact that exactly 3328 days ago, Tracy Ryan Terhune stole the then blog of Evelyn which she closed due to threats made against her family from David Bret. Tracy Terhune, 3328 days ago turned Evelyn's blog into his tool aimed only at harming us.

In those posts on that Affairs Valentino Blogspot blog, Terhune's literary criticism does not exist if only in name because there it is, and always has been only his signature bullying, insult, defamation and so on and so forth.

It is enough, for those who do not believe me, to go and read there the disreputable lies and comments by David Bret and the fundamentalist hatred of us by Tracy Ryan Terhune. Bret uses Terhune's blog just to vomit homophobic, transphobic and ageist insults about us and nothing more.

Regarding "Mad About the Boy", some time ago, maybe two or three years ago, I asked to be admitted to the group but the administrator treated me in an offensive way and told me that I was not liked, he added that my fame preceded me and that if I did not leave immediately he would have reported me to Facebook as a nuisance.

I asked the administrator to explain the reason for all this, I came in peace and with serious interest in Valentino, he reiterated his intention to denounce me.

In my recent post I just asked Eleanor Gribbin to contact me via email, to explain the reasons for our being banished and denigrated.

I have never denied an effective and honest dialogue with those who have good intentions.

Asking is lawful and answering is courtesy!"