Sunday, January 16, 2022

Dear Mary O'Bannon

We have not “attacked” Donna Hill as Tracy Ryan Terhune accuses us of doing. We have pointed out her shunning of all of our Valentino work and publications and the books of Aurelio Miccoli. It is a glaring omission on her part and it is an obvious thing for us to do to make this omission known.

Terhune is doing his best to now destroy our Rudolph Valentino Case Files with innuendo and his signature bullying. He calls us hypocrites because we did not include Bret's absolutely awful book on Valentino in our bibliography. Well Donna Hill has also shunned his book so there you go.

"Cindy Martin" gave us an earful some time ago about Ms. Donna Hill's role in Terhune's, “Campaign to Ruin Evelyn” (and that is what she said they call it). She said Ms. Hill participated actively and wrote everything Terhune published on that designated hit blog he runs under the title of my book Affairs Valentino. She said Ms. Hill was desperate to get back into Terhune's good graces because he was furious she told me about the exchange of those stolen Valentino court records between Ms. Jeanine Villalobos and collector Jim Craig for one of Valentino's shirt.

I knew Donna Hill way back when and for a while believed she was a supportive friend. How naive I was back then. I think the label of “hypocrite” can be applied to all of them because they publicly carry on as if they are interested in Valentino when they bash and lie about all of the ground-breaking work we have done.

They can project their own behavior on us all they wish but it does not change the reality that we are working hard, have worked hard and are very proud of all we have contributed. I would think they would distance themselves from someone the likes of David Bret, close obvious bullying blogs and get on board instead of making themselves look so wicked and small minded.

If you look up the word, “mendacious”, you will find the description of their actions. “Given to or characterized by deception, or falsehood or divergence from the absolute truth.”

It is revolting Terhune is still using that bully blog, and anyone else not wondering who “Mary O'Bannon is”? Maybe she should update her book list one of these days.

The Rudolph Valentino Case Files contains years of our research archive and we stand behind the content 100%.