Tuesday, January 18, 2022

A Direct Response to Eleanor Gribbin

In response to your day of insult and delusion about Renato's post to you...I respond with the following:

“My rants”, as you called them... are responses to the harassment Renato and I have had to endure for years on end because of the likes of you and your eternally menacing and alias-ridden overlords.

And in response to your fury over why someone is sharing posts from your group with us... Perhaps you have forgotten that your group is public and anyone who is not blocked can see what you are doing and saying. If people share what you write it is because they recognize good from evil. Some people actually do good things.

Yet you issue a threat to the person who forwards those posts, threatening to ban them everywhere and not just on your group. Wow. My point proven.

I must remind you that Renato once politely requested to join your group and he did not just receive a rejection but a traumatic attack by your partner then Simon Constable. He told Renato he would report him to Facebook, that his “fame preceded him” and that he should “go away”.

Did you amend that? You did not. Instead you goaded Constable on, saying I smell, (see below) and collaborating with him in a ban of us and our work's mention which was and always is laden with defamatory innuendo about us and our work.

And in response to your chit chat with Ms. Mary O'Bannon/Cindy Martin or whoever it is today... your statement claiming you never “voiced an opinion over my statements”? Well that...would be a complete lie. (see below)

We are sick and tired of you and your cronies harassing us, inspiring hatred of us in unsuspecting people's minds...when your own rhetoric and actions prove you are the bully. Renato bravely and intelligently wrote the truth. So own it lady, own it.

A couple of last points to be made:

You dash my blog's anonymous commentators... when your main commentators are fake aliases such as Etienne....who is Bret and we know this because he revealed this himself with an ill-timed tweet...remember? All those tired and ridiculously obvious aliases... the lunacy goes on and on. 

And is it not obvious why we have to have the comments turned off on our Youtube channel? Because of people like you. I once woke up to a long list of obscene comments posted on a video years ago and learned that lesson. Because of people like you and Bret.... with his 1000 Gribbin-approved aliases, i.e., Albert Morris, Etienne whatever... we do not have the privilege of allowing comments.

So not so fast with your curtsy and bow to the membership there Ms. Gribbin. There is much more to this story as you well know. Much, much more.

But now to share a few of the deplorable things you claim to have never said in your group about us: (the following excerpts are reproduced under Fair use guidelines to illustrate a point in my narrative)

And a quick banishment....

Here (below) you claim I added things to Ullman's memoir....

(Above) you turned off comments when one of our books was mentioned. And lest we forget this classic....