Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Our List of Books!

Renato compiled a list of all our books with accompanying data (see below) which I share today. It is astounding to me that throughout the years, all of these fine books, of which we are extremely proud, have taken a continual beating from those who have tagged themselves as “the team”.

Tracy Terhune calls our books “fan fiction”, or “pure fiction”, he runs a designated blog under the title of Affairs Valentino, where he does little else but try to do the maximum harm to us personally and to our work.

Eleanor Gribbin tells people asking about Affairs Valentino, that the book is the “ravings of a madwoman” and Donna Hill refuses to give the tiniest nod to any of these titles, pretending they do not exist.

Cindy Martin told anyone who would listen that Michael Morris did not write his posthumous book, Beyond Valentino. This was a travesty to deter anyone from reading his work and a tremendous insult to him as he did write it. We were working on it together when he passed away. I am still waiting for her to issue a public retraction of her false statement about that.

And David Spurr Bret? He just wakes up every day I guess to vomit more angry insults our way on his unintelligible Twitter account.

I am pleased to say that this core group of people... have not affected the content or integrity of our work in the slightest!

I present the account as Renato set it up... and wave it high as a banner of pride and happiness that we accomplished all we did. Renato wants me to add that he will soon be updating the list! The image might have to be downloaded to be enlarged.