Monday, January 24, 2022

How Bad They Really Are

I have been thinking that many people new to the Valentino World have no idea the extreme levels of bullying that David Bret engages in everyday regarding us and under the auspices of Tracy Terhune. Historically, it goes like this...after I delivered my speech in Turin in 2009, thinking it might generate some discussion about how Valentino became gay, I had no idea I would be living from then on in hiding. Good lord I did not.

I know people today will roll their eyes and think I am being overly dramatic, etc. but I will pose the following in response. Roll back time to about 2010... say the entire year.

When Bret found out I dared to challenge his book on Valentino and call it fiction, dared to point out how he plagiarized the book from Mank's book... when he found out I critiqued his book for about 5 whole minutes in my 30 minute speech before a world audience, he began to obsess on my death.

So I pose the situation to anyone doubting my sincerity in hiding by asking what they would do if some lunatic began opening blog after blog after blog to write about your death, delight in the details of your corpse, hope for maggots to do their job and regaled you with images of coffins and nooses? I really think you might get as far away as you could from that person and not let them know where you were.

I did call authorities many times and in three countries. I contacted his local police. They paid him a visit and served him with some piece of paper telling him to stop advertising my books. He lied about what happened when the police were in his home having their cuppa tea and I wrote the police. They wrote back saying Bret's account of the visit was inaccurate. I think making a false report publicly of police action should be a punishable offense.

But at some point in 2010, back in the day, Tracy Terhune decided to link to Bret's million and one death blogs and toss in his Satanic touch. For me this made it all even more reason to hide because people have been known to place an extra layer of emphasis on a “cause” when they have some religious motivation. Yikes, no.

For my daring to say Valentino was made gay and in great measure by David Bret's hysterical inventions, he has written continually about my death and now our deaths for a decade. So much so that he was and is known by some for that as “Death Bret”.

Do I think a person doing something like that belongs in jail? Yes, I do. Do I feel I should warn people about his extreme malevolence? Yes, I do. He is Joey Jenkinson, Mrs. Trellis, Albert Morris, Edel Man, Edelman, Ms. Vollmer, Etienne/who likes to be called Stephen, David Bret (an actual alias) and more. And he is Tracy Terhune's absolute point man in the drive to shut me up and bury all our books, except the ones he keeps in plastic sleeves cuz valuable.

Some have mocked our being in hiding but I pose the situation we are in to them. What would they do? I did sue Bret and won and posted the verdict, the original filing and some evidence here: They greeted that by opening blogs claiming I never filed a lawsuit, it was all a lie and this while Bret was showing up in court in his hometown declaring bankruptcy to avoid paying me damages. 

And this little sampling (see below) is not about past events at all. Check the date on the last excerpt. So I can not "move on". Not possible until Terhune and Bret close that killer blog they run under Affairs Valentino. They are at it everyday and it is very bad. It needs to stop and anyone imo choosing to skulk about with the two of them, is no friend of mine. I excerpt under Fair Use guidelines to illustrate a point in my narrative. 

1 -  From an e-mail from Bret vintage 2012-2013

2 - Email excerpt from Bret via my personal e-mail:

3 -  Tracy Terhune's bestie sends me another e-mail wish for daring to challenge his book of fiction.

And this gem just posted a few days ago by Tracy Terhune as he promotes the horror that is David Bret to attack us. This on a blog Terhune claims is a "literary critique". And btw, I spent one year interviewing Bill Self.