Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Spot the Mistakes

A friend assured me recently that I did not need to post on this blog every day. They said they found plenty to read and look at and not to worry about. I like posting on this blog even though sometimes I think I have nothing to share, even though I make mistakes.

And regarding those mistakes. I do my best as does anyone but wow. My circumstance regarding a mistake is horrendous. Imagine if you had two fiends poised, watching your every move and word written and whose main desire was to find you made a tiny mistake. And when they did they seized it like a treasure and began to post all about it online on the WORLD wide web in every possible way to mock you for your mistake. Something like that could deter a normal person from ever trying.

Do I fear their mocking, their defaming me so brazenly by exploiting my mistakes? No, I do not. I still like posting here and pouring my heart out about what is happening. I know most of you reading this care and get the difficulty we face in this. Thank you.

And to those who sneer and see us as deserving villains... well who needs you anyway? Awful people are not welcome anywhere let alone here.

I watched The Sheik in 1997 and have lived a lot of Valentino experience obviously. So I think there are still things I could write about here.

I will say both Renato and are I are working diligently on two new books. (And yes his is in Italian) We are very excited about them and its hard to stay mums the word. But soon come.

So meanwhile feel free to suggest ideas.