Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Some Fresh Air

Valentino posing at the Italian Embassy the end of January 1926 with Alberto far left (wearing the spats), Count Delfino Rogeri di Villanova, Rudolph Valentino, Signor Romolo Angelone and Signor Luciano Mascia.

Below Rudy posing with B. J. Beckman. 

There is a certain narrative in the two images I think. The cigarette in Rudy's hand in the formal pose has just been lit.... tree behind. 

The cigarette in the pose with B.J. Beckman is about half spent...same tree to the left. Both photos taken with a few feet of each other within the span of that cigarette? Its kind of endearing he would step over for a shot with the cop on duty that day and a nice memory for B. J. Beckman.

Danke Shön!