Wednesday, January 5, 2022

A Long Ten Years

I share a link to a video (see below) which we made ten years ago, in November of 2012. Nothing... has changed since then and in fact it has all worsened over time as Bret continues his ruination of us and our work and with the collaboration with Tracy Terhune. This video was made two years before my lawsuit was filed against Bret... which I won. Despite what Bret says or what I believed when I made this little video, my victorious Italian verdict was upheld in England. British law respected/enforced the Italian verdict and consequently Bret pursued his non payment of the damages all the way to bankruptcy.

He did sign an affidavit (which I have) with the court claiming he had zero assets and zero money, despite all of his titles in print... but the winning verdict still stands. I am proud of the case and the verdict and am also proud of our continued efforts to stand tall and make this story known.  Here is the video from ten years past: