Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Terhune and Bret Bullying Together Again

Tracy Ryan Terhune and his partner in bullying, David Spurr Bret again bully today by doing exactly the same thing to Rudolph Valentino's fine godfather and sponsor Frank Mennillo that they have been doing to Ullman. D.e.s.p.e.r.a.t.e

Terhune and Bret, together again attempting to claim with feigned authority that Mennillo was not at Valentino's death bed. So very much documentation exists that he certainly was. He held Valentino in his arms and heard his last words which Mennillo shared only with Alberto. That is a sacred fact. Terhune and Bret's latest hate mash?.. is absurdity. 

They cobbled together frantically, material which I presented from the court records and Ullman's testimony to smear his good name and Mennillo's as well. Again what damage they try to do as a team to spend another day ruining the people who were loyal to Valentino and who he loved the most. 

Terhune and Bret have been allied in their bullying for years and I have a hard drive of proof of this statement. But by far the most compelling is the proof Terhune provided himself. The following excerpt is taken from a document submitted to the court by Tracy Ryan Terhune and it is consequently public record. Here he passes information on to David Spurr Bret to use on his killing blogs and advises him not to reveal he was the one passing it on. The next day Bret did post the information and cited a false source in the court. The source was none other than Terhune. (see below) "David (Bret) you can use the facts contained within this email to let everyone know...but please do not use my name or that you heard it from me.." 

Further proof of their undying partnership... here (see below) Bret dedicates his book to his best friend Tracy Terhune... and I have to say to his thanking... "Jacques Hebertot for sharing"??? hahahahaha to that. 

Somewhat of a forced BFF mode with these two partners in bullying...because Cindy Martin told us how Terhune fears Bret would ever be on U.S. soil. Go figure.