Wednesday, September 8, 2021

In response to the outrageous blunders concerning us and our work by Eleanor Gribbin...

(See below) How in hell does she think George Ullman paid off all those debts Rudy left with 100$? And how did he advance what amounted to some half a million dollars to Alberto Valentino with 100$ in the bank. How wrong can she be? And to pass this off as fact is rather mind boggling.

May I suggest she get a copy of Affairs Valentino, read it, then get a copy of the Companion Guide and study those documents, especially the “Registry of Actions”. Then get a copy of the Rudolph Valentino Case Files, a notebook, some pencils and paper and study especially about those insurance refunds.

She is shockingly wrong on all accounts here: (I excerpt under Fair Use Guidelines to illustrate a point in my narrative.) 

And btw Ullman paid for the funeral in full, and the crypt was purchased by Alberto. Wrong again.

I am a biographer and a respected one at that. And in attempting some 'dig' at me in saying I was not born then... in reference to the work we did on the Cue book, she is basically negating all historical work. Is she implying that unless someone was born during the historical time frame they are writing about it is some how diminished? How stupid is that? Come on.

Is this what passes for scholarship on Mad About the Boy? Do some homework already, I say. And I see clearly that Simon Constable demanded my name not be mentioned so should he correct that and say my name can indeed be mentioned when done in a defamatory way and slathered in idiocy?

A lot has been discovered by Renato and me as of late and we shared it...Ms. Gribbin might want to get up to speed. It's exciting stuff. She might not want that dreamed of chinchilla farm to end up being turkey eggs. As in: