Monday, September 6, 2021

Renato Shares the Fable of "The Wolf & The Lamb"

I dedicate this fairy tale, from many years ago, to Tracy Ryan Terhune, David Bret, Simon Constable and all that genus of ravenous wolves who have been attacking us since time immemorial.

Our story of boycotts, defamation, frenzied attempts to silence us, to ruin our work recalls a fable written around the year 50 CE. It is called the fable of the “Lupus et Agnus” (The Wolf and the Lamb) by the Latin author Gaius Julius Phaedrus, of which I report here the English translation.

The only real difference is that both Evelyn and I resist their repeated vile attacks and we will do this to our last breaths. We will remain in history as heroes and they as vile predators.

The Wolf and the Lamb (Lupus et Agnus) – English Translation

A wolf and a lamb went to the same stream

driven by thirst. The Wolf stood further upstream

and the lamb far below. The wolf, then,

moved by his insatiable greed,

looked for a pretext to quarrel with the lamb.

“Why,” he said, “are you dirtying the water I drink?”

The lamb answered fearfully:

“How could I do that, wolf?

The water is flowing down from you to me?”

Annoyed by the power of the lamb's truth, the wolf retorted:

“Six months ago you said something bad about me.”

And the lamb replied:

“Actually I was not born then.”

“Then it was your father, lamb, by Hercules, who spoke ill of me!”

And so grabbing the lamb, the wolf executed his unjust killing.

This fable is written for those who torment the innocent

with fictitious accusations.