Sunday, September 19, 2021

I Respond Again to Tracy Terhune

*Update in response to Tracy Terhune saying I make assumptions and my research is "guess work." How idiotic. If you walk into a room and your fish bowl is on the floor, water spilt and the fish gone and your cat is sitting there licking its paws, a deduction based on DATA can be made. People are sent to prison for life on circumstantial cases which are built on credible data and evidence. A basket of George Ullman which both Self and the Ullman children told me contained his business papers? Well I think a contract would logically be included in something like that. How many purchases of Valentino memorabilia has Terhune made based on an "assumption" about the provenance? 

....Bill Self, Bob and Bunny Ullman all told me about the theft of the wicker baskets from George Ullman's garage. I never specifically mentioned that the United Artists' contract was in fact in those baskets. I did not know the exact content of the baskets but assumed they contained his business archive including such documents. 

Tracy Terhune thinks I owe an apology to Bill Self for implying he had something to do with the heist. I wrote the story as he handed it to me and boy he would have told me more if they had not shut him up. And before he was shut up he did warn me about Tracy Terhune. I had not heard of him... yet. So how self-important does Terhune think he was in Self's life when Self felt I should be wary of him? That's confusing.

And it would not matter if Terhune posted compliments to me on his hit blog... because when he posts anything... even a single comma there... he is bullying us straight up. The nerve to rub our faces in that again and again. Sadist.

He fiendishly seized upon my closing that blog years ago as I did so because David Bret was threatening my family and I felt this would stop him. It did not. When Terhune realized the Affairs Valentino blogspot was available, he grabbed it and has used it as a weapon against us for nine years and counting. He feigns it has some other purpose but it never has. (see below for some previous posts he has made there in the past)

And its kind of ironic that Tracy Terhune is attempting in any way to impugn anyone for selling Valentino memorabilia. Isn't that was he does primarily? Every day? Selling Rudolph Valentino's earthly belongings to the highest bidder? Ca-ching.

If Terhune believes the documents were the legitimate property of the Valentino estate, what the hell is he doing with them all? Why does he not return it all to the Valentino family? And who are the collectors who had those stolen court records in their sweaty little hands? Where are the records now? Why does Terhune not name their names?

I truly wonder what Mr. Self would say if he were here today. It was not such a complicated story to figure out. But both Bret and Terhune delight in saying whatever they feel like saying about people after they die.

I am sick to death of defending us in response to Tracy Terhune and his decade now of bullying, his bully blog, his ridiculous and pompous statements and his feeling he has a right to continue posting under the title of a book he has tried so very hard to bury in his lies. He is still freaking out over my Affairs Valentino. I must have done something right there.

And no Mr. Terhune our research is not “lunatic guess work” but solid documentation. I think you know well it is solid because if it was actually “lunatic guess work” you would not have spent the past decade of your life obsessing over it and trying to ruin us. 

I have yet to be impressed by you. You are consistently awful. Some (below) from your file of home page posts in our honor. I begin with you pretending to be me on my blog you stole... as posted by you, "trt96". 

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