Sunday, September 26, 2021

More From "Page Z"

 There is a minimizing of the abuse inflicted on Renato and I from some in the Valentino world, i.e. those administrators on Mad About the Boy and We Never Forget. I say this because the word “adversary” is creeping in and I have to respond. It is insidious. It is not a tit-for-tat thing. They are predators of the worst kind and I am no adversary who would frivolously play the situation in some simplistic social media way.

Bret lies as he breathes, concocting impossible scenarios which do not merit the dignity of a tiny response. Yet fact is he spent the past 12 years attacking me and Renato...with sick posts about my father within hours of his death, he published my actual obituary with accompanying articles about my death, he explained how any one who would, “Slit my worthless throat” would be “rewarded by him forever”, he posted my personal information (doxing) with an enticement of “We are Almost There Folks!", and he posted how one day we will meet face to face and “only one of us will walk away” and added it "would not be you Evelyn".

Some people say to ignore it, that he is nothing to think about...but if someone is walking down the street and they see two big goons beating up an old lady... would they laugh at it, cheer the goons on and call the goons her adversaries? I would hope no one would.

It kind of sickens me when people minimize what they do to us and other people, their perceived “adversaries” who quickly become their prey.

It has never been an authors war and I am not and never have been in competition with them. It is abuse that can not be tolerated, not made fun of and they are not my “adversaries”.

The alliance in this between Tracy Ryan Terhune and David Bret has been a "thing" in the "team",  since about 2010. Bret pining for Terhune and Terhune, for a long while hiding his relationship with Bret. But not anymore. Now they openly preen on that blog Terhune runs to bully us under the title of my book Affairs Valentino.

Here as far back as 2010:

And Bret pining for Terhune about the same time:

FYI about Bret's claim to Michael Morris' e-mails to me: I never forwarded Michael Morris' e-mails to anyone. I once posted the entire emails on my Tumblr account and he downloaded those. 

Terhune and Bret have been running the show against us in tight formation for eleven straight years and counting. And I add there is a long, long trail of documentation of that statement.