Sunday, September 5, 2021

"He Womanized All the Time..."

Adding to the list of "Valentino's Ladies", a reader sent the following pages (see below) from Darlings, I've Had a Ball, Andrea by Dorothy Gordon Jenner, published in 1975.

Known in Hollywood as Dorothy Gordon, she was Australian by birth and lived and worked in the U.S. for ten years from 1915 - 1925. She then returned to Australia where she was renown as "Andrea". Her fascinating story can be read here:

In 1921, Dorothy Gordon was cast in The Sheik, playing the jealous wife of the bandit played by Walter Long. She can be seen about 1 hour and 16 minutes into the film. She also claims she appeared in Blood and Sand.

Gordon was subpoenaed in Valentino's divorce proceeding v. Jean Acker and this is the tale she recounts here. She was relevant to the case because at the time she visited the same residence where Paul Ivano lived. This was when Valentino was first living with Natacha in Whitley Heights and because he was still married to Acker, he was feigning living with Ivano at that address. William Self told me about Ivano's apartment there, saying it was a “ten minute” walk from Whitley Heights to Ivano's apartment and he added that Valentino kept some belongings there.

I am not surprised to read Valentino refused Dorothy Gordon's advances because at that time he was very much in love with Natacha. But I wonder...did Valentino sense Gordon was trouble and too aggressive in pursuing him? Did he fear having a fling with her could cost him his divorce and Natacha?

Gordon/Andrea states erroneously Valentino was stabbed to death and dates his death 2 years after the fact in 1928. This was no doubt taken from an account an aging Paul Ivano related on French television. This was thoroughly disproved by Jeanne De Recqueville who also appeared on the same program. Find De Recqueville's work on Ivano's claim in our book, Jeanne De Recqueville - Valentino - In English.

Nevertheless, Dorothy Gordon's account is fascinating I think and rings true. But...should Valentino have been visiting witnesses before the trial? (Here follows:)