Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Stop Bullying Us - By Renato & Evelyn

From Renato Floris: 

The constant attacks on the memory of George Ullman remind me of a famous sentence by Joseph Fouché, (Nantes, May 31, 1759 - Trieste, December 26, 1820) who was an important French politician, deputy to the Convention, later minister of police during the second restoration and considered the founder of the modern political police.

The emblematic sentence of Fouché says:

"Give me anyone's writing and I assure you that, by isolating a sentence from the context, I will be able to send him/her to the guillotine."

This is what, in a decidedly amateurish way, is happening thanks to a blog run under the title of Evelyn's book “Affairs Valentino”.

In the case of Evelyn, following the logic of Fouché, a single sentence was not isolated, but a character, a fundamental character in the history of Valentino: George Ullman. He is being isolated as an excuse to hit Evelyn with real techniques defining the worst possible bullying. The dream of our accusers is to be able to witness the cultural beheading of Evelyn and myself in a contemporary cybernetic Place de la Concorde.

On the blog with the same title as the book by Evelyn, “Affairs Valentino”, the bullies desperately try to discredit Evelyn and her documented discoveries because those revelations disturb the smooth flow of what has so far been passed off as the orthodox truth of Valentino.

One of Evelyn's most important discoveries was to find an entire judicial file, the original of which was stolen from its legal and unique headquarters, the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles’s Archives and Records Center.

Until Evelyn made this discovery of Ullman's appeals filing, George Ullman was considered a sort of sly man who tried to enrich himself on Rudolph Valentino. What Evelyn unconcealed is extensively described in her book, "Affairs Valentino, A Special Edition" and has provoked powerful repercussions on the part of those who want to maintain the pre-court records status quo.

They immediately raised rumors against Evelyn, even accusing her of having falsified about a thousand pages of judicial documents, whose existence, those who accused her of having done the falsifying, were perfectly aware.

Now let's see what is said in the past few hours about Ullman. Our accusers say that he illegally appropriated effects belonging to Rudolph Valentino, effects which were legitimate property of the heirs of Valentino. Sorry, I meant the property of the only legitimate heir or the "nephew" Jean.

In addition to that, they claim Ullman would have acted on the “Black Market”. Let's see the true meaning of "Black Market":

“A Black Market, Underground Economy or Shadow Economy, is a clandestine market or series of transactions that has some aspect of illegality or is characterized by some form of non compliant behavior with an institutional set of rules.

If the rule defines the set of goods and services whose production and distribution is prohibited by law, non-compliance with the rule constitutes a black market trade since the transaction itself is illegal. Parties engaging in the production or distribution of prohibited goods and services are members of the illegal economy. Examples include the drug trade, prostitution (where prohibited), illegal currency transactions and human trafficking. Violations of the tax code involving income tax evasion constitute membership in the unreported economy.”

Nothing of the above definition has anything to do with George Ullman. That accusation of “Black Market” is just a crude strategy to criminalize something that has nothing criminal about it.

Ullman, like many others, had some documents, without legal value and even some letters, and he thought well of making a few dollars and selling them to Valentino enthusiasts. I wonder what is criminal about this, perhaps because this is still a widespread practice. Anyone can freely buy and sell letters and more of what once belonged to Valentino, but if that "anyone" is George Ullman, his transaction becomes the Black Market?

And if, with hindsight, we wanted to give an opinion on the sales made, perhaps in a discreet way, by George Ullman, we have to put this in historical context because he was financially crippled by Alberto Valentino at the height of the U.S. depression and condemned to repay money, a lot of money, which he gave Alberto in good faith. For this act, in Ullman's situation, he certainly cannot be scandalized.

I know that recently a letter from Rudolph written to his friend Bruno Pozzan, another who speculated on Valentino for sure, was sold by a collector to a Valentino fan for $ 3,500.00. Compare this: Ullman sold 11 letters, copies of the contract with United Artists and five checks for the sum of $25.00 which in 1955 was equal to the current $ 258.00. This picture is rather tragic and certainly does not spotlight a terrible criminal but someone who still had to make some cash to satisfy his three children's hunger. He was not out for the greenbacks as Alberto was.

If there is one thing I regret is that these historical materials are owned by and kept hidden, and censored by those isolating Ullman in order to bully us. Bullying Evelyn and myself is the only reason they attack Mr. Ullman. I'm very sorry for him, for his memory, for all the good he did for Valentino and for all the good Ullman did for Valentino's unworthy heirs.

From Evelyn:

In regards to the current unibomber length manifestos, nit picking Ullman's every move... I say it is bullying behavior. And it is being done shamefully by someone who preens on that bully blog with all Christian self-righteousness. Righteous what, I ask?

I wonder if Tracy Terhune, the accuser, is now going to hack out more manifestos... maybe one about how Ullman tried to save money and buy day old bread? 

He is bullying us by Ullman! This is really the bottom line about Terhune's lack of integrity imo when it comes to Valentino. He is using the most maligned and heroic man in the entire Valentino saga, George Ullman as a weapon to bully us.

The bandito in this bullying is not Ullman but Terhune. Anything he writes on that blog is bullying. Anything. He opened it to bully us in 2012 and has run it through so many wicked incarnations it is mind-boggling. But it has always been and is today his weapon to bully us; constantly reminding us that he has it and I don't. Taunting me in particular.

IMO Terhune is 100% disingenuous about his motivations in trashing Ullman. I cite a footnote from Die Evelyn Zumaya Die... p. 51.

”Terhune comments on Valentino family and Ullman relationship, chat room transcript, November 3, 2003 saying: 'I don't deny that the Valentino families never-ending greed played a major part in this suit, setting Ullman up for a fall, in a no-win situation.' ”

Maybe he could get his stories straight... in the least... as he heads over to that bully blog war room he runs to just do his best to torture us.