Saturday, September 11, 2021

Cocktail Hour

I sourced the article below in Affairs Valentino and was accused by the wolves of fabricating it. I did not of course. Most all of these little articles and many uncited came from the files in the Margaret Herrick Library. I found this important and this whiskey consumption was something others reported on. Even Bunny Ullman told me her father shared the whiskey with Rudy and the two had their sources for the bootleg hooch. George and his daughter swore he and Rudy only imbibed Canadian Scotch Whiskey. 

But the article below was mocked and dismissed by the wolves baying it could not be true. Rudolph Valentino they swore would not do something so base as to drink whiskey. I had to wonder, who are the wolves anyway.... a bunch of "dries?" 

Below the article I sourced in Affairs Valentino, I share an article published on September 23, 1926, which I just found today about Gen. Lincoln C. Andrews. Until today I never really thought to see who he was. Turns out he was the ultimate "dry" and actually in charge of enforcing prohibition. Well reading that made me think. 

First of all how could I have forged the article on Rudy's "whiskey and soda diet" if I did not know about Gen. Lincoln C. Andrews way back then? Was I psychic? The wolves all know I never forged a single line of a single document. And this one is just as it appeared long ago in those days of mourning after Valentino's passing. 

Reading about General Andrews made me want to have a cocktail so I made Aperol Spritzes for Renato and I. Our favorite! Thanks, General! And boy he looks serious.