Sunday, September 19, 2021

Guest Post From Renato Floris


(Making mistakes is human, but persevering them is diabolical!) said the ancient sages.

Tracy Ryan Terhune and David Bret, now with the claims of a self-styled Dr. Christina, never miss an opportunity to persevere in their errors. Let's see what's new today:

Tracy Ryan Terhune claims Evelyn has to apologize to the deceased William Self and for what reason? Because Evelyn reported something Self himself said to her, namely that two baskets, containing documents relating to Valentino, were stolen from George Ullman's garage? It should be noted that Evelyn never confronted Self with the hypothesis that this removal was carried out on his behalf. Self's statement came suddenly without any prompting from Evelyn. She also had confirmation of that theft from Ullman's children. It should be Self who should apologize to himself.

However what was left in Ullman's possession was material considered, at the time, of little interest and of more emotional value to Ullman. When he sold something that once belonged to Valentino, he certainly did not become wealthy for those meager financial exchanges. 

Valentino's pseudo heir, Alberto Guglielmi, who later renamed himself Valentino in order not to fall into anonymity, preferred different types of paper, green paper called dollars and in large quantities! Even though he had no right.

Then David Bret continues to boast two champions of disloyalty to Valentino namely Luther Mahoney and André Daven. The first, a handyman, who signed as a witness on the codicil modifying Valentino's will, which then mysteriously disappeared. Mahoney took great care never to mention the existence of this document to the court during the years of the massacre trial against Ullman. Why?

André Daven, at the time, as well as having a modest role in the film Monsieur Beaucaire, was hired by the Valentinos as an employee with functions such as secretary; ergo Valentino told two of his employees, on different occasions, to act as witnesses on documents. This was not because they were special to him, but only because, given their occupations, they were conveniently available. Daven, however, escaped back to France leaving a huge debt in the tens of thousands, to be paid by Valentino, a debt which Valentino himself speaks about in a letter to Jacques Hébertot.

Just to spice up his nefarious posts, David Bret accuses Evelyn of being obsessed with Valentino's sexuality which is absolutely false. It is obvious that if anyone on earth is obsessed with Valentino's sexuality, it is David Bret.

He openly spends his life inventing imaginary gay lovers of a heterosexual character. Bret consistently makes Valentino's sexuality his foremost thought. What matters most to us is the search for truth in all aspects about a subject clouded by interests which have nothing to do with true biography.

Tracy Ryan Terhune, David Bret and the self-styled Doctor Christina, have missed an excellent opportunity not to be petty.

I say to them: “The more you speak your nonsense, the less credible you are!”