Monday, September 27, 2021

"I'm Just Sayin' ..."

There has never been one minute, one single second when Tracy Ryan Terhune was the victim. How he howls that he is. He launched the attacks on me, my work and after 2011 against Renato because he did not like Affairs Valentino. By the time I published the book in 2011, Terhune and Bret had all but destroyed me already. I had little left to lose at that point.

In 2011, as I have mentioned many times, I was terrorized into closing my Affairs Valentino blog by David Bret's threats to open hit blogs on my family. Terhune seized that tragic moment for me and opened my blog and has run it as a bully weapon ever since.

He does not seem so proud of his actions there now and I don't see him linking it anywhere on his Facebook groups...Its kind of like a cat covering its poop with litter. ... but in the past he linked it to the other members of the teams sites; mostly those being run by David Bret. For all these years, Terhune has cried he is being abused when I believe no one but his sorry self believes that.

He likes to show a picture of some fat folders containing all of my defenses written against him... I say wow. Publish all the contents. I have been defending myself for a decade and do so now. Those folders are full of the same things I say today. I stand proudly behind my efforts, Renato's too and our restraint and demeanor throughout this ordeal. 

Terhune likes to find a little hook to grab onto and twist it into his hysterical ravings. One of his most insidious tactics was to meld me with the woman who published the first edition of Affairs Valentino, Ms. Hala Pickford. She would say something and the next day Terhune was saying I said it. I corrected him but he took this tactic even further. Thrilled with his capture of my web traffic, he posted headlines like this on my blog. I excerpt a small sample of his hatred under Fair Use Guidelines to illustrate my point.

I never had a single arrest warrant out on me, was never a fraud and never stole anyone's identity. Actually he did on that very blog by writing in the first person pretending to be me.

Although he says now it is a general “Literary Critique”, I ask him why then has he gloated over the years that he is getting all of my traffic? Again an excerpt under Fair Use Guidelines:

His hatred is and always has been palpable. (Below) He expresses outrage that I wanted to disrupt his bully service at the crypt? Who wouldn't after being subjected to such abuse by him? I think I said I felt like showing up with a stack of Affairs Valentino to pass out. Again excerpts from Terhune's Affairs Valentino blog reproduced under Fair Use Guidelines posted back in 2014:

Tracy Terhune often writes in CAPS because he is YELLING I guess. I find it the very definition of projection that he would be issuing an "untruthful blistering attack" in CAPS while accusing me of doing so. (And my book was being sold in that Turin bookstore after we provided the copies.)

One of his favorite tactics on that blog was to interject his quest to bury Affairs Valentino into his legal case against Ms. Pickford. In one deposition which is on file in the Burbank Courthouse, dated May 22, 2012 under the heading of “Declaration of Tracy Terhune”, he swears as truth that Ms. Pickford “self-published” Affairs Valentino. From the document which is public record:

What a complete falsehood, what an insinuation. She never owned my book and there would be no way for her to "self-publish" my book. The book was always mine and this is a prime example of how he melded Ms. Pickford and my identities as one.

Terhune and Bret used the identity and words of someone else as a weapon against me and I believe attempted to use Ms. Pickford to secure a court order for me to stop publishing Affairs Valentino. It did not work! 

Ms. Pickford and I parted ways professionally in December of 2011 and Terhune knew that. It was then I took the book out of print hoping he and Bret would stop. They got way worse and are still at it.

I have several hard drives of his rantings on that sick blog and again every single post he makes there is bullying because of that URL... his motivation from day one has been to post his lies and defamation there, along with David Bret, to bury the book he hates so dearly. He was never a victim in this, how absurd... he was and is the censor, the aggressor and as Ms. Cindy Martin told us, “It has always been Tracy's show”.

The blog he runs under Affairs Valentino is a living monument to his cruelty and duplicity. And it represents a decade of lies, falsehoods, brutal assaults on our truth and he has never been anyone's victim but his own.