Monday, March 30, 2020

Tracy Ryan Terhune Whines Again

Tracy Terhune's continued smearing of George Ullman is as always a slurry of half truths and lies. Selling through an agent does not mean it is the black market. It means retaining someone to act as an agent for you. And if Terhune believes these items were not legally obtained... then how is he any better being in possession of them now? It is a crime to own stolen merchandise and that is what he is claiming these things are.  Good grief most of Self's collection would have a dubious provenance Mr. Terhune.  

Yes, I would point out that dubious provenance of most of the collector's items and as one example...the court records which these collectors have all had their grubby little hands on. How about Michael Morris' archival materials... those two wicker baskets of Ullman's archive... I could go on and on.

It is a sleezy business and because Ullman gave it to Bill Self kind of proves Ullman had no financial interest in these things. Self sure did. Terhune sure does. Self took Ullman for a real ride to amass his collection as he did with most all the players in that sad scenario. And why did Self not return these items to the Valentino family or bequeath them to the family? Why were they sold off at auction? 

In my opinion...Tracy Terhune is obsessed with bashing Ullman, probably does so in his sleep... and this because it puts him in good stead with the Valentino family. It is baseless and boring and oh brother so very obvious. 

He neglects to add all of the things that Ullman, in good faith, dispersed to Valentino's sister and brother which ultimately they had no right to own at all... I cover this in Affairs Valentino... the book Tracy Ryan Terhune does not want anyone to ever read. 

It is also curious Tracy Terhune does not mention how the handyman Lou Mahoney drove off with a van full of items from Falcon Lair and guess where that all ended up... in Tracy Terhune's stockpile of Rudy loot. Did Mahoney have legal possession of all of that loot? How did he prove the provenance.. His word? Which we know is ridiculous grandstanding and total bs.

Terhune's latest smear on Ullman speaks more about him than Ullman in that he includes his dig in his caption? ..that he would use that opportunity to smear a man who was utterly persecuted and tortured for 30 years despite his being fully exonerated by the court. Ullman was an honest man. 

Alberto and Maria .. Valentino's siblings, as I mentioned.. had no legal right to a thing they took. None as they were not heirs. All of these things should be in a museum or given back to the Valentino family...and not passed about like some currency by small minded people who use them to try and elevate their own sorry selves and pretend to care about Valentino's history and memory. For them is it $$$ on the table and nothing more. Ullman declared personal bankruptcy in 1947 and still he did not sell off these items.  They had meaning for him and he believed Self would care for them as he did for decades. 

Tracy Terhune is a man who has bullied me and my husband for years, calling us vicious and cruel and agist names and conducting a campaign to ruin us which has now been forcefully revealed by Cindy Martin. 

Shameful behavior which is especially reprehensible in these tough times... and if Terhune is so outraged that these things belonged to the Valentino family why is he not demanding the return of all of those items? Why does he not give them back to the family? He is guilty of exactly what he is accusing Ullman of doing. But then if he did the right thing and gave it back to the family he would be powerless to get those oohs and ahhs in his Facebook group. Maybe some of his followers are impressed but me... knowing what I do? I am disgusted.