Monday, March 16, 2020

Mark Hasselriis Writes

Today I share a page from one of the letters from Mark Hasselriis to Michael Morris. Hasselriis has been described as Rambova's "secretary" but that is not accurate. He was her  live-in companion for twenty years, her artist, epigrapher, student and as he said, her "disciple". I wrote about their relationship in Beyond Valentino. While I was completing Michael Morris' posthumous book, I found an address of Mark Hasselriis' nephew in one of the letters. With this lead, I contacted the nephew and all these years later he was still living at this same address and eager to share his Uncle Mark's papers and history. 

This is one page of a twelve page letter, dated November 7, 1986... which are all handwritten. Intense, brilliant and informative, I hope to publish them all at some point.