Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Seventeen Years Later

Who knows... maybe printers can be controlled by souls on the astral plane. What a concept that is. I never thought such a thing until about an hour ago. I went to print a one page email I received in 2003 from a Ms. "C", I shall call her...who was writing me about Andre Daven. I clicked print and heard the printer spitting out many pages. 

As it turned out, the email from Ms."C", was only page one and the file was about twenty pages long. And in those twenty pages I found the following; something I had forgotten completely about. 

In November 2003, I was excited to share news I discovered the Ullman 1975 memoir and his two children. I spread the news to those I thought would logically be thrilled; the Valentino chat room which I believe was run by Donna Hill and/or Tracy Terhune. Well things went badly for me in that exchange and it was traumatizing. But in the midst of the melee, well...Michael Morris came in to defend me on my ill-fated chat room debut. 

I was shocked because Michael was an extremely private person and his appearance there meant so much to me. His reclusive nature made his posting on my behalf all the more astounding. 

Here, my friend Michael stepped into the arena and delivered his punches. Again this is preserved on the chat room server I would assume and nary a typo has been altered. Michael must have been riled because there are misspellings and typos, something Michael would otherwise have never let slip by. 

BTW, the other twenty pages of the print-out is the transcript of the entire exchange. As I read it, now 17 years later, I was astounded at the level of snide I was met with by the people I assumed would have a sincere interest in Valentino. I also realized reading the transcript 17 years later, that at the time those very people already had my great discovery of Ullman's memoir. They sure kept their mouths shut during that chat room exchange about their knowledge that this memoir existed. I think in hindsight, they had all read it and were just in damage control already. 

So much would happen to me from that exchange forward and I was about to discover so much more while researching Affairs Valentino. And I collected everything over the years. Much more to come. 

In closing an excerpt from a letter written by Ms. Cindy Martin in June of 2019 which she contributed to my case against David Bret and which she wrote voluntarily to be used as submitted evidence against David Bret.

A thank you to Ms. Martin for her honesty in this assessment. Most appreciated. 

"It appears that Ms. Zumaya's 2003 lecture in Turin is the event which set Mr. Bret on this rampage of revenge. Prior to this, I find no history of any animosity that Mr. Bret had toward Ms. Zumaya. In fact, he told me he had never even heard of her before this. After his credibility as an author was attacked, and in retaliation for the slight to his book, Mr. Bret began to systematically terrorize Ms. Zumaya."