Friday, March 6, 2020

Take Note

In 2003, I was interviewing both Bob and Bunny Ullman. At the time we were reading the first copies of the court records and our correspondence about this is preserved in my archive. As I worked to decipher the complex story and understand the facts of what happened, I was fortunate to have had these two people working with me who took the task before them seriously.

I chose a few of the notes from our exchange to share here as tribute to them both and to their endearing personalities and brilliant minds.... and as a memory of the hard work accomplished in creating Affairs Valentino. 

And btw please ignore everything David Bret is now posting because it is complete delusional hysteria. It is as if every time he writes the lies about me, they become more exaggerated, more twisted into his sick fantasies. On a day when he was ordered by a judge in a courtroom to finally pay us damages for the wicked ten years he gave us, he demonstrated a mind-boggling level of unawareness of reality and went home and wrote even more insanities. 

But here's to focusing on honorable folks instead and I share a few gems from the Bob and Bunny Ullman folders... stellar people who are truly missed. 

I have also included a page of my notes from an interview with Bob Ullman. Some notes. Take note.