Wednesday, March 11, 2020

"Totally Without Merit"

In my continuing effort to document and set many falsehoods about me and mine straight, I address the lawsuit charging defamation I filed against David Bret in 2014. He lost the lawsuit which was filed in the Court of Asti in Italy. 

Because of international agreements in place at the time within the European Union, the Italian verdict was upheld in a British court. David Bret fought this action with arguments he was not served, had no knowledge of the case along with a myriad of other absurd arguments which were all without merit.

While this slow process worked its way through an international court system with official translations executed and many questions about Italian and British law being resolved between our Italian lawyer and our British lawyer...David Bret waged one of his signature vicious campaigns to load the internet with lies that it was a fake lawsuit, that our lawyers were crooks and that it never happened.

Ms. Cindy Martin acted for a long while as his faithful mouthpiece on that front and once told me emphatically she “knew as fact the Italian lawsuit never happened.”

Recently she thankfully experienced a window of enlightenment it seems when last May she communicated candidly with my husband Renato; and yes about Bret's attempts to cry foul in the defamation lawsuit and his claim he was never served. In regards to Bret claiming he was never served with the lawsuit, she stated the following:

On May 29, 2019, “But when it comes to Bret, I know he has lied. He was served those papers. He feels that you would have to bring the lawsuit to the UK and refile it there in order to get a judgment against him that would be enforceable.”

Despite what "they" were then broadcasting online...they always knew this lawsuit was legitimate, the verdict a sound one and that Bret indeed was served according to the international agreements in place within the European Union at the time. So the fake news from Bret and the other “team” members about this lawsuit can stop here and now. This because technically the case did end for David Bret last Tuesday, March 4th in a courtroom in Great Britain.

The following took place:

Bret called this hearing to protest his being held responsible to pay our British legal fees. This is clearly stated in the Italian verdict that he is responsible to pay all the legal fees involved in this case.

In Bret's argument to the judge on March 4th, he again argued our Italian lawyers were crooks and told the judge he had reported our British lawyer to an oversight organization there.

Yesterday we received the judge's ruling on Bret's argument at that hearing. The judge upheld the Italian verdict and ordered Bret responsible to pay our British lawyer's fees entirely within 14 days. The judge also denied Bret's argument and refused any further opportunity for him to appeal. They declared Bret's argument that our lawyers were crooked to be “totally without merit”.

This was a “final judgment”.

I share the judge's report and because their handwriting is difficult to read: 

Under “Nature of hearing/trial" it reads:
“costs claimed following withdrawal of application to set aside statutory demand”

Under "Result of hearing/trial": “costs 2250 pounds payable by defendant”

 In the document below under "Brief reason for decision", the judge writes:

“The defendant argument was that the Italian lawyers who had obtained the judgment were corrupt and that he had reported the claimants solicitor (UK lawyer) to the SRA”

As the judge ruled this argument was “totally without merit” the case was closed.

I have posted the entire Italian verdict in its official English as well as the case as it was submitted at

I will be adding more documents on that site soon.