Monday, March 30, 2020

For the Record - Some Numbers

Alberto Valentino stated many times over the years after his brother Rudolph's death, how he and his sister Maria received nothing but a “few” items of sentimental value from his brother's estate. In examining the data contained within the court records on the actual dispensation of Valentino's estate which I discovered in 2003, we find this is a false statement indeed.

As the originals of those probate records were stolen and are now in the hands of the collectors and some allege the Valentino family, it was for decades impossible to fact check Alberto's statements. Well I am able to do so now and share the following as clarification.

Before Valentino's death, as itemized under the “Baskerville Audits”, subtitle, 1926 “Gray Book” Household Expenses #3:

During the last four months of Rudolph Valentino's life, Alberto receives a total of $6050.00 dating from the first entry on April 7, 1926 until July 6, 1926. (by today's monetary value as calculated x 13, this would be today $78,650.) As the average annual income at the time in the U.S. was 1500-2000$ this was almost six times what most Americans would make in a year. 

After Valentino's death in August of 1926, Ullman, as executor, dispersed the following to Maria and Alberto, while acting in good faith believing they were the rightful heirs. As itemized in the court records under the heading of “The Matter of Heirship and Distribution” we find the following:

Maria Guglielmi Strada receives, in cash and personal property, $21,616.33. (today's value, $281,012.29) With the personal property alone Ullman advanced to her totaling, $3,428.00 (today's value, $44,564)

Alberto received during the same time frame from Ullman, $36,949.71 (today's value, $480,366.33) I do not have access to a specific itemization of the personal property advanced to Alberto but do know from various newspaper reports and collector Bill Self that Alberto had possession of various cars, Valentino's dog Kabar, clothing and jewelry.

Contrary to Alberto saying he and his sister only received a “few items of sentimental value”, from 1926 until 1930, Rudolph Valentino's siblings received from the executor of their brother's estate, a total of $59,027.33 (today's value, $767,355.29)

**This total reflects only information entered in the extracts which I had access to in the court of appeals records covering a time frame from 1926 until 1930.

Contrary to the story given by Alberto and his life long effort to falsely impugn Ullman.. he and his sister lived extremely well from Ullman's generosity in the days before that second page of Valentino's will was discovered. If Alberto found himself broke by 1930 it was certainly not due to George Ullman or any lack of cash from his brother's estate. It is my opinion Alberto squandered the money he received, living far beyond his means and hiring lawyers for years in a vendetta to “get” Ullman. That vendetta is incredibly still being carried out today.

The story of what happened to Ullman as a result of his accommodating Valentino's siblings is covered fully in Affairs Valentino. Refer to Affairs Valentino and The Companion Guide for more about the missing page of Valentino's will and the false narrative which was subsequently purported by Alberto Valentino; this made possible as no one could fact check the records. Not much of a mystery why those court records turned up missing.