Wednesday, March 11, 2020

The Day After...Seventeen Years Ago: Some Comments on "Backstabbing" and "Wheedling"

*Update: Ms. Donna Hill's response to my e-mail was somehow removed from this post and I will be citing her email under Fair Use guidelines as soon as possible. 

So the day following my “ill-fated” appearance on the Valentino chat room, November 3, 2003, I sent an e-mail to Donna Hill expressing my feelings about how I was greeted there. This because she encouraged me to join in the “discussions”. I post the following images as our exchange and note the date of November 4, 2003. Again these emails are preserved on the server for posterity.

So how much changed in the ensuing days, months and years/decades? Plenty! I add that Donna Hill sent me an email shortly after this exchange, with a thread attached below. It was then I noticed in that thread that she was forwarding our email exchange to Tracy Ryan Terhune. That ended it for me. (I have this email in my files somewhere and when I find it I will post it here) It was deceptive of her and cast the sincerity of her support of my work into light... sorely needed light.

I was then more than a tad naive as to the workings of the cult and still gullible believing every word I read. That was about to quickly change.

When I refer in my email to a “Mr. Ullman”, this is S. George Ullman's son, Bob Ullman. He was then working with me and in his final days of a long life and dying of liver cancer. He was very fragile yet very tough.

Riled by my “greeting” by the Valentino world, I wrote Donna Hill because I then considered her a “friend” and someone I hoped to be supporting my work. Little did I know. Very little. Little did I know that some 17 years later she would be boycotting all of my work... every single book and every single discovery and little did I know she would be an active member of a campaign to ruin me. 

Here follows the transcript of my email exchange with Donna Hill on the day after the chat room dust up. (see preceding post) And as much as Tracy Ryan Terhune has tried for over ten years to make this all some exchange where he was so victimized, Donna Hill apologizes for it all to me the day after.