Friday, March 6, 2020

Not Such a Small Detail

I guess it is true, André Daven needed the dental makeover. In the photograph below #1, we can see Daven's teeth had issues. This photo was taken in 1923. So by 1926, we see in a photograph with Daven and his greatest love, his wife Daniela Parola how his teeth appear sparkling white and perfect. This seems a small detail but in a grander picture it is not.

In 1923, Daven was given a great advantage with the Valentino's sponsorship as they believed he had a future in the movies. But within a year, Daven would be returning to France and “on the run” after ringing up a tab for the Valentinos of some 35,000 francs (by today's exchange rate $29,400  U.S. Dollars). Valentino would write their mutual friend Jacques Hebertot on July 4, 1924, just a few days after Daven's departure...expressing his disappointment in Daven's “ingratitude and hypocrisy”.

George Ullman reports Valentino had him send an invoice to Daven demanding full payment. Daven replied by saying the Valentinos interrupted his journalistic career and he would pay them nothing.

These two photos represent a sort of “before and after” scenario. But I have to wonder.. during the filming of Monsieur Beaucaire, had the issue of Daven's teeth already been remedied or did they just tell him to keep his mouth shut?

#1  Left to Right - Daven, Valentino and Rene Clair

Daven with his great love, his wife, Daniela Parola