Wednesday, March 4, 2020

The Skewered Book

Oh dear...again we find the feeble chirpings of Tracy Ryan Terhune as he tries again and again, year after year to convince no one... that he is anyone's victim. How very ridiculous for him to whine about his few little perceived slights to him by me, which he so richly deserved.. and which all appeared to have happened over a decade ago. Good lord. In comparison to the enormous archive of ten years and counting (as of today) of his arch bullying rhetoric and name-calling on that blog he runs under my book Affairs Valentino's title... what he presents today and for the umpteenth time is absolutely silly.

No, I never testified in any court room in my entire life, no I never sent a deceiving letter to him.. I have that letter and his aggressive and disturbing reply.... and no I never stalked him many years ago when I had lunch with family in Van Nuys, California. If I knew he lived near that little restaurant, I would have run like hell. But to assure him about that ever happening again I say the following.

The family we visited way back when, when we dined with them in Van Nuys... have moved further north to Sylmar. So when we visit, we will be in that vicinity. I say to Tracy Ryan Terhune that unless he now lives in that area he is safe from discovering me eating at a nearby restaurant.

I did the best I could to save my reputation and my books over the years from his/their horrific onslaught of threats, lies and treachery. But its a new day...and Ms. Martin has kindly shared valuable inside information and no screenshots need to be posted. Every word I excerpt is precise as they all know and as she knows well. All of that lengthy exchange is preserved on servers and can not be nor should be altered. Why would I need to? She said plenty.

And btw Joey Jenkinson is David Bret.

Today in Utrecht....the skewered book.