Thursday, March 12, 2020

A Postscript

It is amazing to me that I am just posting the facts/documents and transcripts.. and their words in print about this story which happened to me long ago and which is still, still happening to me because I wrote a book. And for this they are so furious. I guess they wanted me to take it all to the grave with me so they could get away with what they all did to me and my work... their decades of attacks... and behavior... how they hope it to all be buried with me.

I will not be intimated by them any longer, not one second longer.. and I will not be silenced by their bullying behavior. And shunning is bullying. And silence can be violent.

It is inexcusable that they are not in the very least acknowledging their own words. If their words have to be deleted by them, then I say they are not so proud of them all in all.