Monday, March 2, 2020

A Ghost Town Publication

Well as of this writing I am still alive and kicking. Alive and kicking and writing a book; at a time when I believe so very few read books anymore. This said, current events have compelled me to write and fast. Last night I completed a tally; I have lived in sixteen cities on three continents. My life has been difficult but not dull. Do I seem to be reflecting from an old age? I have that right. I am old. I could call myself a seasoned warrior, victor and loser of so many battles they are all a blur at this point.

Simply put, I am writing a book to document my story in light of the current epidemic of online bullying going on whether under the guise of humor, righteousness or total evil. For I have been bullied online the entire time social media has been in existence. I guess I am somewhat of a pioneer of online bullying, a victim or survivor in the proverbial covered wagon wending my way into a lawless new land. So I tell this tale and hope to contribute my five cents to a deplorable and rampant situation.

I recently learned, "An Adult Bully tries to avoid responsibility for their own bad behavior by blaming their target for causing it." The evidence speaks for itself and absolutely no one is fooled as to who the bullies are.  

Here is where I write my next book: