Thursday, July 28, 2022

You Need No Longer Worry...

 "Mandy Mae commented on "The Source"

16 mins ago

"The Forewarning to that "book" was criminal. All kinds of stuff about shooting people, as I recall. That's why Brownlow slammed the door in your face, the same as Steiger and Self. You could not lie straight in bed. I also saw the end result of your so-called libel suit. You got naff all. According to one source, it cost you $20,000 to get naff all. That's Karma!"

Regarding the comment above...there is only one person who has consistently been unable to resist talking about my “karma”. That would be Tracy Terhune. I have many screenshots to prove that statement. And just as he revealed himself by overusing the shortest verse in the Bible, "Jesus Wept" with his, “Valentino Wept” and “Angels Wept”, he does it again in that comment about my "karma".

So for the record. Everything in that Forewarning published 11 years ago was the gospel truth. 100%. And everything I predicted would happen did and does.

Brownlow did not slam the door on me.

Neither did Brad Steiger because I had one email exchange and heard enough of his BS.

And Self was told to slam the door on me by the Alberto Valentino spokeswoman.

The lawsuit I won over David Bret was worth every single penny. When I came on the scene long ago he was a big gun... rolling in his self righteous outing of so many celebrities. Because of me and that lawsuit he was forced to defend himself and the truth came out. And his behavior was so unthinkably bad he lost his face so the saying goes.

And because David Bret did not pay his bill to me, and because he chose to weasel out by claiming he had no assets... yes the bankruptcy lawyer the court assigned to investigate him actually asked me, “What books? Mr. Bret writes books?”... because he hid all of that he thinks he won big.

As long as that verdict stands I can do what I want with it. Worth every cent.

You need no longer worry about my karma Tracy.... I am pretty happy with how its all turning out.