Saturday, July 23, 2022

George Ullman's Content

It is still being claimed George Ullman's 1926 book, Valentino As I Knew Him and the 1975 memoir were ghost written. That is not true and no longer open to "opinion". His children had no idea that was being said anywhere and knew the truth. Their mother told them many times how their father wrote the first manuscript on the train back to Los Angeles with Valentino's body. Why would a mother invent something like that? Makes no sense. 

It is also clear George wrote both documents, as the style is exactly the same and here below some pages in his own handwriting. He did have the 1926 book edited for publication and thanked Lillian Bell for her work on his manuscript. But it is his content. End of story. I consider the word of his children, his wife and the analysis of both documents 100% definitive. 

I am not sure what "their" point is in claiming he did not write the book. What would be the pro or con of that. I think they just parrot that line because they are incapable of learning something new and they reject something new if it came from us. They just want to diminish Ullman in any possible way when he was the hero of Rudolph Valentino's story. Here some pages from George's handwritten manuscript.