Friday, July 29, 2022

Some Documentation

In my previous post I shared 14 seconds of my evening, to show Renato and I do not live in squalor as the Valentino Fantasy Community is now parroting. It is a new tactic to portray us in dirt, and I guess the dark. Perhaps they think we have no windows or can't afford our electric bill? Is that their reality? 

In regards to their howling for me to "stop hating" and "let these people go"..... I once again state and emphatically that I am responding to their ageist and death-obsessed bad-mouthing, their frightening slurs and implications and venom spit at us. Of course I will fire back with our truth as I have been since 2009.

My rebuttal to the comment sent to me for posting on "FYI to VFC"... and my 14 seconds of our TV set prompted the following which greeted me today. I share and apologize for any offense because this is documentation of the level of mentality in the VFC. 

And as far as my being "obsessed" oh I am. Obsessed with justice. 

Here below I share some of what I found waiting here for me today. They will say I wrote them all and to post them. I did not write them and am not sure if I want this trash on that post.  

Meanwhile, I think we are worth my continued defense and I will never be silenced. Sparing you all of the comments... I share the following to suffice as the daily documentation of the VFC: