Friday, July 22, 2022

The Brilliant Move

Ninety-nine years and sixteen days ago, Rudolph Valentino and George Ullman met in the office of Attorney Max D. Steuer at 42 Broadway to sign the document below. It was then Valentino officially designated George Ullman his business manager and Max Steuer became his attorney of record. (note at one point Ullman dropped the second "n" from his surname)

What a moment for George Ullman and little did he know his life would never be the same. For me the lawyers representing Valentino became one of the more interesting aspects of the saga. They became a sort of subplot of characters; the scammer Arthur Butler Grahm, the expediter Max Steuer, and the iconic W. I. Gilbert, etc.  

For Valentino, it was a brilliant move to engage Ullman in this capacity at that point in time and Steuer's presence brought order to the financial chaos. (more about this in Affairs Valentino

I wonder if those who now occupy the office at forty-two Broadway know the history of their workplace. But on that day, Valentino's career took a major change in course. 

I have shared this contract many times over the years but still feel it is worth documenting again.