Sunday, July 3, 2022

Murky Waters

 I have posted the next chronology, for 2012, which can be reviewed on

 I am using excerpts to illustrate the narrative which are cropped from the full screenshots I have on file. I want to thank those of you who support us in this, and to those of you who seem to feel I am "unhinged" I would say quite the contrary is the case. Despite all, Renato and I kept moving forward and doing worthy projects with pride. 

I feel it is important to record what happened and is happening for posterity. I am not sure how anyone can still question our motives in doing this or our honesty. Those who do might want to save some time and just know we have no reason at all to lie. So accept it as truth and perhaps a solution can be found to clean up that "Valentino mainstream" which imo is really polluted water at the moment.