Friday, July 29, 2022

FYI to the "VFC"

Can you imagine... they accuse me of doing the very thing they do best? That is to contort Valentino's truth to fit their own fantasies. I used to say “agenda” but I won't give them that much credit. Would they want someone changing up their life story to fit some fantasy? No, they would not, because no one would. We have our truth, good, bad or ugly. And when it comes to Valentino, their bad reactions to our truthiness would lead one to think we discovered horrible things about him. Well I think the most horrible thing would be to deny him his truth.

What we discovered about Valentino was not horrible and we did not just spin yarns because we had fantasies to fulfill.

But isn't their behavior about the things we did prove... similar to a little gaggle of spoiled rotten children plugging their ears going, nyah nyah nyah.... ?

I think so.

As they call us and our work rubbish, trash, fiction, “trash fiction”, “pure fiction”.... aren't they just being infantile playground bullies?

They also like to call me a “madwoman” and that my posts here are “meltdowns”. I do get mad but I am not insane. I call these posts my defense, my quest for our truth and justice from these wretched gaslighters. That is what is going on with their floundering attempts to portray us as people we sure are not; gaslighting. 

Isn't it interesting that they react most viciously to Renato and my happy life. Apparently they are so deep into their angry projections that they can not imagine us being otherwise. We are not unhappy, miserable people. Sorry, not sorry to disappoint them. 

I reject their narrative for Valentino; the false one he was working to correct when he died. I find his truth compelling and as parts to the fantastic puzzle of his life fall into place, it is all the more amazing story.

Too bad for those stubborn, mean children who stomp their feet and fire off another comment at me. Fyi to the “VFC”, the “Valentino Fantasy Community”.... you are 100% the bad guys here, the bullies, the aggressors. It does not take rocket science to look at a few years of screenshots and see that pretty quickly. I have fought back for a decade to salvage my truth, here there and everywhere...and if you think that makes me a “madwoman” and it makes these posts “meltdowns”... so be it.

Valentino deserves his truth. So do we.