Sunday, July 3, 2022

An Admission

Line one: The admission is made "that the greater Valentino community"... has "shut all our efforts out." Good grief... that is a total and stunning admission that this self-appointed, small group of Terhune loyalists censor, defame and gaslight; losing all opportunity to learn something new while ignoring important content and discoveries about the actual life of Rudolph Valentino.   I believe their actions in trying to "shut out" new things reveals a sort of Luddite thinking. 

I chose to publish this comment here because this insufferable pompous ass has given me the opportunity to say there is nothing "futile" about our lives and work. We are happy and rewarded to enjoy such a broad and fascinating audience. Our podcasts are listened to, some in the thousands of times. We hear from intelligent Valentino scholars from all over the world and the discussions are always intriguing. So I am not sure what this "person" is referring to as a space where Renato and I and our work have been so globally, "shut out". 

Isn't this a lot like having the living daylights beaten out of you and then having the perpetrator say, "Oh why bother to even get up... it's "kind of futile." So FYI to the commentator above, there are plenty of folks who are genuinely interested in new things and insight on Valentino. You, are not the "mainstream" or the "greater Valentino world". How very delusional to even think that, so dream on. 

The Chicca Guglielmi Morone Interview podcast has been listened to 923 times. 

Rudolph Valentino, Homophobia & More – 2300 listens.

Rudolph Valentino's Last Picture & More – 5000 listens.

Rudolph Valentino, That Second Divorce and More – 6000.

Renato and I are not people to be "out to impress". We are motivated by the content, the research and the discovery. And why would we ever care what cruel, small-minded people think of us? The only reason we care at all is that we are forced to defend ourselves against these cruel, small-minded people's vicious lies and defamation. 

So thanks for the opportunity to say we are so grateful for every single person who takes the time to read our books and listens to a podcast. And I would say that the "futile" effort would be camping out on a blog just to troll and send in nasty comments intended only to provoke.