Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Cue's "Laudable Project"

The following (see below) is another letter included in the fine book on Valentino, The True Rudolph Valentino by renown Spanish journalist, Baltasar Cue. This is the translation of Alberto Guglielmi Valentino's "Letter of Endorsement' which opens the book. 

Again it bears mentioning how valuable the book is because of the exceptional first hand documentation and the testimony of those who were alive then and in contact with Senor Cue. Alberto assisted Cue in the completion of the project Rudolph began shortly before his death. Here follows:

"GAYLORD APARTMENTS, Los Angeles, California

February 19, 1927

Mr. Baltasar Fernández Cué

P. O. Box 403

Los Angeles, California

My dear friend,

I am pleased to confirm in writing, the sincere approval which I expressed to you verbally regarding your project to write a series of articles about the life of my dear and ill-fated brother Rodolfo. I reiterate my authorization for you to make use of not only the numerous materials which  I had the pleasure to give you during our several conversations but also of other materials you deem necessary which I will provide as soon as you wish.

In addition, you may count on my moral cooperation to carry out your laudable project. I appreciate your honest intentions not only for the satisfaction it will bring me but as it will represent, in an honest way, the personality of my late brother. I consider it necessary to spread the truth about him even if it is only to correct the false versions of his life and, more especially, about his loves, real or supposed circulating around the world.

No one is more suited than you to refute these falsehoods, since along with your skill and honesty you have the advantage of having been a good friend of my brother, of being still today fortunately one of mine, and of also enjoying the friendship of many of those who were Rodolfo 's friends who can now help you in your work.

Finally, I would also like express my pleasure over the enthusiasm of the Spanish-speaking peoples towards Rodolfo: a true admiration you have witnessed in the response you receive regarding the positive reception in those countries where they report a true version of Rodolfo's life. This corresponds to the sympathy with which, as you know, my brother always felt towards those same people. He held affection for them and had a preference for screen roles which represented those nationalities.

To these same countries belonged some of his best friends; who are mine too. From a Spanish book came the movie which brought him world fame. From another, of the same author, a film was made which many say was my brother's masterpiece and in which he took pride in representing a very popular character in Spanish culture. And, as you also know when death surprised him, he was hoping to bring one more novel of the same language to the screen, again portraying the same character so popular in those nations.

Regardless of all those respectable considerations, I, of course, can not help but hope to keep the memory of my brother alive in the hearts of his many admirers. I thank you again and I wish you the best of the success.

I remain your friend,

q. e. s. m.  (que estrecha su mano - "shaking your hand"- a formal courtesy.)

Alberto Guglielmi Valentino"