Sunday, July 24, 2022

Done and Done

For many years I stayed away from social media as far as comments went. I never joined Facebook groups because I feared chit chatting with brainwashed people who irrationally hated me for no reason at all. I had that happen a few times and that was enough for me. So it was ta ta all. I have been accused of trolling about under aliases but that never happened. God, no.

So allowing comments on this blog has been eye-opening for me. Because I never realized just how awful the Valentino “VSC” cult is. I never imagined them to be so full of hate for me. Sure I knew they wanted me to fail and hated me to some degree. But I did not fathom this much.

What obedience on their behalf to the cause of silencing Renato and I. They are surely high ranking officials in the organization.

Instead of their rolling out the red carpet for us because of all we managed somehow to do .. and instead of maybe making us a cup of tea... they spend their days sneering, snarling, sniping and swiping at us.

Well the squeakers can squeak on! Because they are making themselves look really unbelievably bad here. Imagine if I posted everything they sent in? Wow.

As far as their new attempt to demean us by saying we living in squalor, filth, in the dark and miserable... Hardly the actual reality. I can say that today Renato made pasta for lunch with his own sauce... a basic but fabulous marinara he always keeps on hand. Dinner? His Tuscan herbal beans (fresh rosemary and sage).

I hope you all enjoy the new podcast. Everything came along and interrupted it... but done and done. Thanks for the inspiration everyone.