Sunday, July 17, 2022

Life, Love and Definitions

I have been in receipt of some comments today regarding my calling the trolls/VSC... “demons". I have been accused of not being “professional” because they just have a "difference of opinion". How ludicrous for them to think their behavior is justified because it is an "opinion". 

It is not a "difference of opinion" to mock my father's death, to load the internet with false claims I had a cocaine history. It is not an opinion to post my obituary and articles about my death, to extort me into silence with photos of rotting corpses for years on end. It is not an opinion to spread the lie I had a criminal past and write headlines that there were warrants on me and have my family and friends attacked for daring to show support. 

It is not an opinion to say we exploit the elderly and that our books are fiction, that we are homophobic, that we stalk, lie and forge documents. It is not an opinion to mock our ages, write obsessively about our deaths and stalk us... even today they were trying to find our location from a photo I posted last week.

The "people" who behave in that manner are not expressing a difference of opinion at all. It has nothing to do with Valentino or the content of our work. They are just exhibiting demonic behavior with a definition of demon:  "a source or agent of evil, harm, distress, or ruin." I think that sums them up perfectly.

And an "opinion" by definition is, “a view or judgment formed about something”. Tormenting, defaming and bullying Renato and I by trying to extort us into silence and ruin our book sales... is not a “view” or a “judgment formed”, it is cruelty and barbaric/demonic behavior.

I realize emotions run high on this blog but imo it is a good thing. I believe this is a rescue mission; a heroic campaign to take back the truth about Rudolph Valentino, Natacha Rambova, S. George Ullman, Frank Mennillo, Renato A. Floris, Evelyn Zumaya Floris, etc. and everyone else they smear and lie about. 

For here is the truth in a big fat nutshell. I welcome differences of opinion, they intrigue and challenge me always.. if presented in a respectful, thoughtful and intelligent way. How many differences of opinion Michael Morris and I used to have... but we respected each other and it was inspiring to have our debates. It is also a great part of the process of research.

I have changed my own opinion on so many things in the Valentino saga... so how could I be opinionated?  

I did not use the adjective "demon" lightly and I do not apologize. I would call them all demons to their faces. So onward.

And to those of you who write in with your passionate and intelligent insights, I thank you sincerely. You all reinforce my faith in humankind and your respect and support of Renato and I means the world.