Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Little Chuckie

If Rambova's gift of the bracelet is an iconic symbol of her love for Rudolph, I think his giving her the puppy Chuckie for Christmas the previous year, was the symbol of his love for her. That little dog was always with her, along with many others. In her psychic George Wehner's autobiography, A Curious Life, he described in detail his arrival to a séance in Natacha's Manhattan apartment. He was rushed by a pack of tiny, yapping dogs of varying breeds.

Left to right: Egyptologists Bernard V. Bothmer, Alexandre Piankoff, Helene Piankoff and Natacha Rambova with pup. This was taken in front of the Temple of Edfu in 1950 and the photo is courtesy of L. Fred Husson.