Sunday, July 24, 2022

"No Mismanagement"

I have always found these two excerpts (see below) from the Appeals verdict in the case of Guglielmi v. Ullman... the bottom line on Ullman. "Appellant", Ullman... is proven to have done an exemplary job as executor, (petitioner being Alberto Valentino). Anyone doubting these excerpts is welcome to go and read them for themselves as they are public record and excerpted verbatim from the court file. 

"And it most emphatically failed to point out..." refers to Alberto's filing claiming mismanagement. The ignorant lies spread about Ullman began with Alberto's bitterness that he could not find a thing wrong with Ullman's performance and tragically his failure to ever point this out is still being played out today. 

The drones/trolls still parrot their party lines despite all of the evidence of Ullman's honesty and professionalism.