Monday, July 18, 2022

Regarding "Continual Setbacks"

One more exceptional letter from Baltasar Cue's, The True Rudolph Valentino, p. 81. Natacha writes to Doug Gerrard in the summer of 1922 during her exile to Foxlair. Gerrard is obviously acting in the role of friend and manager. "One woman or a hundred".... Natacha writes and I think this reveals a great deal about their marriage and some of the issues they faced. 

"Dear Gerry,

You say in your telegram that you can not understand my point of view, this proves that you do not understand me in any way, because otherwise, you would not have send me such a message. He was not the only one who suffered hysterical attacks because of that phone call. It seems that you two believe that I have nothing to do but distrust him and believe that he is out there with other women, while the truth is that I do not even think about that anymore.

One woman or a hundred it does not matter anymore. I do not care. If you could try to understand instead of jumping to conclusions. All I want or care about is having him with me again and I can not stand the continual setbacks. Every time I make a plan or shelter any hope, everything comes down once more. When a letter arrives from you, I will return it unopened, since I don't know, by your telegram, what it contains and I can not take any more.

If you do not understand this, it is just too bad. I'm too tired to try to explain myself better. If you were not such a good friend, I would not care what you think. But I will still love you, anyway, for what you have done for Rudie, even though you have made me suffer more than you imagine.

N. "