Wednesday, July 27, 2022

The Source

 In response to this comment which I did not post and the slur about an "Evelyn Zumaya research job":

"Darn Denim commented on "Thank you!"

p.s. That story Julien's spun about Valentino throwing the coins must have got the suckers bidding in a frenzy. This sounds like an 'Evelyn Zumaya' research job. Find something online and then print it without citation...fib about dates (2013 vs. just recently), etc.."

I did not "find it online" and I did not print it "without citation". You have obviously not read Affairs Valentino or the forty pages of citations I included. The "Valentino Studies Community" needs to actually study and not just traipse along believing everything their ill-informed leader tells them. The citation was from Irving Schulman's bio. 

I share the following again as my citation and say you might want to pick up a copy of Irving Schulman's Valentino bio. I have issues with it but I found it to be accurate. This story was not a promo to get the "suckers bidding" and it came from the chapter Irving Shulman titles, “Act Three: Scene Twelve”, where he writes: