Saturday, July 2, 2022

Making My Day

Someone asked me if I would have written Affairs Valentino if I knew what was waiting for me as a result. That's a tough question, because it was through Affairs Valentino that I met, fell in love with and married Renato. It was through Affairs Valentino that I met Michael Morris, Bob and Bunny Ullman, and many other remarkable people.

And I would not be sitting here in this beautiful setting, with the glorious sun making my day.

But our dreams carry us through don't you think? And when I began researching and writing Affairs Valentino I was riveted by the stories which unfolded. I felt a sense of purpose in bringing it all together. I did not foresee any of this but forged on digging deeper to solve a million little mysteries about Rudolph Valentino.

So to clarify a comment I received yesterday and did not post, our work is not lost in “conspiracy theories” making it nothing to take “seriously”. Here is what you need to know. There is a difference between serious research, discovery and investigation which we do... and sitting about dreaming up conspiracy theories which have no basis in fact.

Lawyers build circumstantial cases on data gathered and this is what some of our work is; a presentation of our research to date and the circumstantial case it presents. Our work is based on data we uncover. We do not dream up scenarios like the endless ones filling David Bret's books.

I am finishing up 2012 for the chronological posts on the site. And have to report that yesterday, Tracy Terhune removed every single post he had on that blog he has run for the past ten years and counting under the title of my book. As Renato calls it, “Throw the stone and hide the hand.” I would ask if Mr. Terhune has something to hide?

I stand proudly behind every word I write on this blog and do not need to play some shell game of shame deleting.