Monday, July 25, 2022

An Interesting Donation

 From Vivi web TV – Castellaneta July 21st and shared with us by Aurelio Miccoli who was invited to the presentation.

"The Rodolfo Valentino Museum in Castellaneta, has been enriched with new materials. On Saturday July 23rd, at 8 pm the donation made by Mr. Luca Psacaropulo of Turin will be presented, coming from the inheritance of Gabriella Strada, daughter of Maria Guglielmi, sister in turn of the myth of silent cinema Rodolfo Valentino, born in Castellaneta in 1895.

In particular, the donation consists of four postcards sent from the United States by Rudolph Valentino to his mother Gabrielle, a vinyl record recorded by Valentino, in which he sings "Kashimiri Song" and "El Relicario", some gold medals made on the occasion of the premiere of the film “The Eagle” of November 8, 1925, some documents concerning Gabriella Strada and an interesting painting, made in pastel in 1890 by Marie Gabrielle Barbin-Guglielmi, mother of Rodolfo Valentino."