Friday, July 22, 2022


While I was researching Affairs Valentino, I conducted many interviews which in hindsight I feel were important additions to the Valentino legacy. One was my e-mail exchange with Brad Steiger, who co-authored a wretched bio of Valentino. I say wretched because despite what he claims in our exchange, the book is a crass, tacky sexploitation of the worst kind and portrays Valentino in a humiliating and dreadful light. 

I found the book to be extremely homophobic and at one point he actually refers to homosexuals as "degenerates". So all in all shocking it would be embraced by anyone. It is degrading to Valentino, full of errors and stands imo second only to Bret's bio as the worst book on Valentino. 

I have previously posted the transcript of my e-mail exchange and did so when Steiger was alive. He did not protest my publishing it nor did he claim it was anything but accurate. The exchange is preserved on the server. This said I am sure silly Cindy Martin, CSI, will claim I forged it. I did not. 

I have never forged or altered a document because I have integrity and because I have no reason to ever do so. Here follows my contact with Mr. Brad Steiger, verbatim.