Tuesday, September 22, 2020

What I am Responding to....

With no option but to respond again in my defense...David Bret seems to forget that it is an attorney's obligation to forward all correspondence regarding a case to the client. And David Bret seems to forget that he has reported every single lawyer we have had on this case to some oversight organization in a continuing effort to harass us and our fine attorneys. This behavior has gone on for years. In these e-mails he portrays himself as a victim and me as insane. 

He also seems to forget what I am responding to: eleven years of daily attacks of the most violating, offensive and threatening kind. He is not the victim. As just one of his victims, I made this little video in March of 2013. Although in the video I despair over what to do...the following year I did sue Bret in an Italian court and won a verdict which was upheld by the UK courts due to international European Union agreements in place.

He has not stopped and continues to harass our lawyers and us in violation of the verdict. Imagine the files we have had to accumulate now as another seven years have passed since I made my appeal for help here so long ago. 

As he never reports on what I am responding to... here is a sampling of what Bret has posted for eleven years now about me and our work, savaging my Google search. As excerpted from the original screenshots. More evidence filed with the lawsuit can be viewed @ www.zumayawinslawsuit.com